Benefits of DayHOP


Personal transformation

we become fascinated with God


Corporate unity in church

a tenderized heart preoccupied with God


Spiritual warfare

cosmic impact that changes the spiritual atmosphere of the city and beyond



training in the WORD


Intercessory Worship or singing with the Word of God has often been called a "singing seminary" due to the greater understanding imparted as the word is spontaneously sung.


The DayHOP Model is designed on the premise that the right structure enhances a creative expression of the Holy Spirit in the context of a corporate team even more than individualistic creative expression.


Symphony Analogy and Dream - In 2008 one of the Intercessors had a dream that Daytons own Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor showed up at her door to join in leading the Harp and Bowl Worship for Dayton. She stood in amazement knowing that God was saying a great symphony of praise would rise from this city to His Throne.


The entire prayer movement is being orchestrated globally by the Holy Spirit and like a magnificent symphony there are governing principles that give it organization and form.  Within a symphony are guidelines that are conducive to allowing a corporate complex, multifaceted and diverse, yet unified harmonious creative expression.


Training workshops are offered periodically on Saturday mornings. We need a minimum of 200 devoted intercessors to see this House of Prayer sustain 24 hour a day prayer.  We need you.  Training isn't needed to join us in the prayer room to pray- but if you would like to be part of a leadership team (musician, singer, intercessor) please come to a workshop and practice with a team.  (Contact us for more information.)


Please join us as we agree with Him for this city and beyond.